Cross My Heart PDF Download

Cross My Heart PDF Download

By: James Patterson
Genre: Police Procedural, Mysteries & Thrillers
Relase Date: 2013-11-25


No wonder this book was so cheap, it’s only half a book. Maybe he will write another that completes the story.


I took a break from Alex Cross for awhile as I got wrapped up in other characters / books. But reading this story, my admiration returned. An excellent story which kept me up too late so I could finish. My boss will not be happy with you, Mr. Patterson; but I thank you.


As usual, I didn't want to put it down! Great book!!

Hidden in my heart

Riveting as always. Love the end. Can't wait for the next.


Dirty trick to sell the sequel! Don't know if I will purchase another from Patterson. Doesn't even bother to tell you the name or release date of the next book! I agree with many of the other reviews, that this book was more of a cut and paste novel with multiple story lines...doesn't play!


James Paterson, Do you read the reviews of your books??? I have read everything you have written - and have become more and more disappointed - most books are co- authored - you are turning out book after book- obviously in it for the money- Your latest Alex Cross book really stinks- I bought it even after reading the terrible reviews- my mistake! Shame on you! My last mistake!

Money savers

Any book he writes is Great


I paid for a WHOLE story. That means you have to include an ending. I feel ripped off. I will not buy the next book that supposedly includes the ending of this book. That's just a way to deceive and cheat your fans.


Great read.... But to find out the end you have to pay again for the sequel. Not worth the price.


Read all Cross series books. This one was no up to par, bad ending. I am done with the series, not worthy the time.

Sophie Carmichael

This is so out of character for Patterson & I am so disappointed in him in this book. Unbelievable to me that he would leave us in limbo with no idea when or if we will ever know what happens to Alex's family. James must be getting senile in his old age. Maybe he should give up the writing. Perhaps he thinks he wrote an ending.


Pure James Patterson. An excellent read from start to finish. The story will pull you in whether you have read all the Alex Cross novels or none of them.