The Girl You Left Behind PDF Download

The Girl You Left Behind PDF Download

By: Jojo Moyes
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-08-20


This book was enthralling. I had a hard time putting it down. I had accepted what I thought was going to happen, then it didn’t.... oh, the twists and turns! A very good read, especially if you like historical fiction.

pink dreams

Couldn't put it down. The story carries you and the characters are poignant. Loved loved loved it!


Wow, this is an amazing book. I was not expecting so much of it. I had a good working over of the feels. And now that it’s over, I don’t even know what to think of the roles some of the characters played. This is one of those stories that I’ll loose sleep thinking about at night.

Vig 130

Wow, incredible book. I first read Me before you and didn't think another of her books could top that or at least equal it in terms of sheer enjoyment. I was wrong!!!!


I loved this book. It was beyond my wildest expectations. I hope you love it too. :)


I loved it!


A wonderful well written story. History, romance, heartache and hope! Couldn't have asked for a better book to kick of summer!


I've read 3 books by this author and this is certainly my favorite! I loved the historical side of the story and all of the issues it causes you to consider while reading. A beautiful story. Definitely recommend!

Pickles 7

I read the book Me Before You and it was an awesome read. Unfortunately the Girl You Left Behind did not measure up to the same quality. It had a very slow start it did pick up midway through the book and got much more interesting as the book progressed. Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend.


Really one of my favorite books. I love stories that talks about the World War, and gives us a little background of how people lived during the WWI. Really interesting book! And, definitely one of my favorite authors!


The writing was beautiful. Loved the historical aspect mixed with the modern. Awesome book!


Excellent storyline, with well- defined characterization. Another approach to a difficult genre, WWI and II and art work