Broken Silence PDF Download

Broken Silence PDF Download

By: Natasha Preston
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-03-21


I loved this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. It was a real page-turner. It makes me feel so emotional and giddy. I really recommend this book, including the rest of the books in this series! 👍👍👍😁😄😁😄


The story line was amazing, but the typos do get to be annoying and confusing at times.


I LOVE this series! But, the typos were driving me insane! I’ve just gotten into reading and I’m glad I stumbled onto this series. The passion and meaning of this story is beyond words!

Diamond of the Rockies

Second book of Silence series. Oakley's return to the UK for sentencing of her abusers & getting her life back together . Well written and a good read.


I think this ok really is an amozing book. It kept me reading nonstop to the end wth so many twists and the ending has me wanting nothing more. Can’t wait to read the next addition! Definitly suggest this book.


This book showed so much compassion and sprit in it. I love how the story plays out and even tho it is mixed with a crazy ending I’m just glad that there is another book for me to read. This is by far my all time favorite book series.


In two word “Love it”!


Love love love


I love the story of Oakley, Cole, and their families and friends. I want more! More of their story and a movie... This is a great read. A lot of people probably can relate to it in some way.

Miss Toi

One of my favorite books next to the notebooks I love it... this book is my heart I could read it over and over again.


I really enjoyed this book, I loved the characters (except the bad ones) and I really could not stop reading! Would definitely recommend! Make sure to read the other books that go with it!! Loved reading Oakley’s story and reading how much she grew throughout her terrible past.. I also loved how the author made a book from jaspers point of view .. just a great series!


O how this book took me for a ride I absolutely loved it and wish the story kept going.