The Bet PDF Download

The Bet PDF Download

By: Rachel Van Dyken
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-06-25


Truly enjoyed this book- and while I had some SERIOUSLY mixed emotions regarding the brother and Kacey’s relationship- as the story progressed I loved it more and more! Based on the preview of the next book in the series- and the constant laughter I experienced- I will definitely be reading Jakes story


I Loved ❤️ this book 📚 all the way through and I am getting ready to read the second one. I would recommend it to anyone. I laughed, I cried but not much, but I seriously enjoyed this book.


This book reminds me of a thin harlequin novel with no sustenance, no character depth and cheesy dialogue. I didn't find anyone funny at all! When I can't pick up a book I can only rely on what others say. Thus, I am slowly losing heart because I truly don't understand all the stars. When I read romance, I am a Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Rachel Gibson, Kristen Ashley, Penny Reid, and Eloisa James fan. If any of these authors are in your favorites, skip, skip, SKIP this book.


Kept falling asleep...the characters were immature and annoying. I don't know why this book had so many good reviews other than maybe her friends were reading it and being supportive.


This book is filled with third person hilarity and steam-of-conciousness amazing was. The laughs literally keep on coming with this book, and the characters (even the douchenozzle brother) are lovable in their own ways. Especially grandma. Gotta love grandma. You will quickly learn to love the quirky personalities of all the characters, and the seemingly bizarre mannerisms of the entire family. Although the content is seemingly overused in contemporary literature, the book is definitely a must-read - if not for the fabulous characters, then for the eloquence of the author, and her being able to meld the "deeper stuffs" with the lighter, more fun ones... And her ability to make a seemingly "light" situation into an even funnier and awkward one with the drop of a hat. And despite it's somewhat confusing ending/falling action, the ending (unlike many others out there), leaves nothing to be desired (content-wise, 'cause I definitely DO want another book about the protagonists' lives after the course of this one). All in all, it was a fabulous book, and definitely worth a read.


This book keeps you laughing while falling in love with the character. A must read. I truly enjoyed it.

The Happy Couple

Excellent!! Read it in two days!


I loved this book. It reminded me of the best friend that got away & how things could have been.


Great fun great! Wish there was a book 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!