Working It PDF Download

Working It PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Romance, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2013-11-11


Okay I didn't really get into it like I wanted too. She isn't the confident type which she sounds like a pretty girl so that bugs me. She has sex with him the second time they are alone which is disappointing and then she runs away like a scared puppy. Idk maybe it's just me but I don't think o want to read any further. But the storyline is good.


Some how I read Ellie and Brayden's story first and loved it... Looking now into story behind Ben I love all of them more. Beautiful character description and page turner!

Big bull Akita

Wow!! Work my eyes cause I couldn't quit reading!!! Love it!! She writes good stories. This one was sexy and emotional!! Can't wait to read other book.


If you're looking for a steamy, fresh, love story with the 'oh no she didn't' twist then I suggest you read Working It. I loved this book and would definitely recommend it to others. Especially if they loved the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Working It has a similar storyline to it but it is still so very, very different. I loved that movie so of course I loved this book. Emmy is a quiet, southern girl that works as a personal assistant in a modeling agency. Lucky girl gets to look at pictures of male models all day. Best job ever, right? Wrong- her boss, Fiona, is the most horrible boss ever, she makes Miranda Priestly look like a saint. Emmy, however, stays quiet and does the work she is given and then goes home to her BFF and roommate Ellie and vents about her day; which is how she keeps her sanity and doesn't b**ch slap her boss. Anyways, she's a hard worker and does as she's told and witch with a b boss lets her go to Paris with her, for 3 months, to help her with fashion week and some other work they have going over there. To me that almost redeems witch boss, ALMOST. While in Paris she meets superstar, mega super hot model Ben Shaw. Ben Shaw is the 'slap yo momma' good, panty dropping everywhere he goes, mouth watering good looking model ever. Every female notices him and Emmy is no exception. What surprises her is that he notices her to and when she flirts with him, he flirts back. He brings out the daring, adventurous side out of Emmy. Things happen, oh boy do things happen and they end up in a relationship that both are happy with. Even though Ben has never had nor wanted a relationship Emmy makes him want to try and try his best at it. Not surprisingly, he is a top notch boyfriend to Emmy. He has a past that had him steer clear of relationships and has a string of blow jobs, a few one night stands and a few threesomes. He's worked hard to be where he's at in his career, with the help of Fiona- his agent. He has to be the buffer between Fiona and Emmy and with that made him just a smidgen shy of the perfect boyfriend. Because of his relationship with Fiona he screws up his relationship with Emmy, which is the 'oh no she didn't', 'hold my earrings while I beat her' twist part. This part that I did not see coming and couldn't even blink because I was afraid I would miss some words. Working It has an amazing storyline which is only enhanced by Kendall Ryan's writing, she is truly gifted. I have read all of the books she has written and they get better every time. I was so excited for her when she signed with Atria for this Love by Design series because everyone should meet be able to meet Ben Shaw. I also want to note that there is a threesome scene in the story with Emmy and two males but you'll have to read to find out who the males are. I'm just noting it because it may or may not have affected some reviews or made readers not like the book or even finish it and honestly I was kinda nervous about this scene myself. But I put my trust in K Ry (shes that cool her name get abbreviated like J. Law, LiLo, or J. Lo) and I found that this scene isn't done in bad taste and isn't majorly explicit. This was the first threesome scene that I have read but know that it could have been more than how it was but this was a new experience for Emmy and a learning experience for her as well. I would recommend this book and will probably reread it before the next book in the Love by Design series comes out.


Can't wait for the rest of the series.