The Trident Deception PDF Download

The Trident Deception PDF Download

By: Rick Campbell
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-03-11


I am a retired US Navy Senior Chief and thought this was a terrific book, kept me on the edge of my seat virtually throughout. Will definitely read more by Rick Campbell.


Excellent read. Good story line. Nice twists. Well edited.


Cheap rip off of Crimson Tide and the Hunt for Red Oktober.


At times a little top heavy with the military technospeak but overall a very well written book. It will draw you doubt about it.


Excellent read. Gripping and could not it the book down. Set up is well thought out. Highly recommend.


... the possible impossible. Due to other obligations, my reading was reduced to one short chapter. Each chapter encouraged my return to the next, with the reward of heightened suspense. Although I thought I knew a little bit about current military equipment and tactics; this certainly increased my knowledge-- while the actual advancements, the i.e.state of technology could not be revealed, I developed a greater awareness and awe of what we don't know. Well written and would have enjoyed even more of the technology-- even if it has been replaced and declassified.. Thank you!


Great read. Tom Clancy move over!!!

Apple II 16K onward

A great debut! Accurate, with a gripping plot and terrific characters. As good as they come. Can't wait to preorder his next book!


Rick Campbell's book was riveting. I've added him to my top list of authors. Cussler, Ludlum , Baldacci, Griffin, Silva, Clancy, Archer, Follet you have new company. Can't wait for your next tale. Fred Komson

Alex age 7

For a first time author this impressive, real page turner. I see a movie in the future.


This book was great. Tom Clancy's relief is on board. Can't wait for his next book.