The Five People You Meet in Heaven PDF Download

The Five People You Meet in Heaven PDF Download

By: Mitch Albom
Genre: Fiction & Literature,
Relase Date: 2007-04-01


This novel single-handedly reignited my love for fiction. Absolutely beautiful.


Like “Tuesdays with Morrie”, this book made me think of the people who touch our lives. Whether it’s a professor or someone you don’t even know, we touch many lives and our actions may have unknown reactions. This book will allow you to consider who’s life you touched and how your actions have consequences in others lives. This is a great read.




I read this book and it moved me and now it’s my favorite


This is an amazing book that I love and would read again


I was blown away by this book. It is definitely a must read.

Jay Elliott

This book changed my life


I read this in my Honors English class back in August. At first I was a bit skeptical, but once I really got into the book, it was amazing. The end had such a plot twist. This book was so good, that I started crying at one point. I've recommended this book to lots of my friends.

5 Memorable People

This book was amazing when I say amazing I mean amazing. Here I thought this story would be an ok story but I sure was wrong. This teaches us about what one old man did in his life after he was dead, and hidden secrets about all the five people he meets. The Blue man, His captain, Ruby, Marguerite, and lastly a little girl named Tara I believe all share what they had to do with his life, and they all taught him a lesson.


By far one of the best books I've ever read. This book has taught me a lot about life. It is definitely worth the $10 and I would recommend it to anyone.


Could 't put this one down. Great descriptors of what heaven is like. It's like this is actually a possibility of what we will see. Th book ends quite abruptly though...I wanted more!


This was an amazing book, it's a book you'll never want to stop reading.