Bird Box PDF Download

Bird Box PDF Download

By: Josh Malerman
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-05-13

colorblind sadness

This book was so unsatisfying. It made no sense and offered no real solution. What were the creatures? Why were the mentally ill unaffected (other than playing into the harmful trope that the mentally ill and evil and sinister by nature)? Why were animals affected at a lesser rate? Why did it seem like there was nothing ever at stake? For a post apocalyptic story, it was painfully boring. And, it seemed that way because the author was unable to create a realistic world or too lazy to do so. Just watch the movie (which I still did not like) but at least there urgency was established into the storyline


I loved the book so much like the movie, I couldn’t put it down! I can’t understand how people don’t like the book, it so good! I was even watching it exactly when it hit 12:00 on New Years!


It is the worst book ever if I could I would have gave this book -5 stars

From cool wolf

This was 99999x better than the film


Worth a dozen reads, this story keeps you enthralled in the suspense fully mysterious plot throughout the whole book, truly amazing writing


To be honest I made it to the half way mark and decided to quit. I saw the movie and heard how different the book was so I decided to read it. I don’t care about the characters, the dialog between them is hollow and so is the storyline. Very disappointed

Fortnites da best

Amazing Loved it


Same as the M. Night Sha’s movie “The Happening”, but with blindfolds. Still a worth while book to read.


This an amazing book I totally recommend ages 9-17 just because it is a little scary! Hope this helps!❤️


Not interesting to me. I did not enjoy all of the struggles and felt uncomfortable with all the blindfolds.

Sam's iTouch

Much better than the movie. A very quick read.


this is a book too? omg i just founf out the netflix series ’You’ was a book. I NEED TO START READING MORE