Bird Box PDF Download

Bird Box PDF Download

By: Josh Malerman
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-05-13

bird boxx

I really enjoyed this is my favorite movie now

The Jenk

I wanted to read the book after watching the movie on Netflix so I want to head and purchased it. I was hoping for a little expansion of the universe, more on the mythos of the creatures and further development of the characters but the book was pretty straightforward and it left me wanting more. There were too many missed opportunities throughout the book for the author to bring you further into the world he crafted but he never did. Overall it was a fine book but I wished there was more detail to it.


Way better than movie, nice touch with a certain type of bird. Really loved it


This book had so much suspense while reading. It had me hooked by the first page!


I finished this in a day! Such a GREAT book and completely different from the movie but in a great way! I absolutely loved it and it left me wanting more! Crazy that I also live in a small town called Ovid, Michigan. I will definitely read this again and again!


Loved it but I hated the way it ended but I heard that there was going to be a bird box two


Didn’t want to put it down. Much better than the Netflix movie. The writer takes you along on a super creepy, thrilling and suspenseful ride, from start to finish. Best book I have read in a long time. Fantastic!!! Highly recommend!!

T minus one

Excellent! Couldn’t put it down. Would love to see a sequel.


The movie on Netflix is nothing compared to the book. At all. It’s like they took the premise and names of characters and that was it. Definitely worth the time reading! I couldn’t put Bird Box down! Looking into other works by this author. Recommend reading this before watching what they call Bird Box on Netflix. Now the movie is just a disappointment.




this is the best movie


Loved it