Bird Box PDF Download

Bird Box PDF Download

By: Josh Malerman
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-05-13


To be honest I made it to the half way mark and decided to quit. I saw the movie and heard how different the book was so I decided to read it. I don’t care about the characters, the dialog between them is hollow and so is the storyline. Very disappointed

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Amazing Loved it


Same as the M. Night Sha’s movie “The Happening”, but with blindfolds. Still a worth while book to read.


This an amazing book I totally recommend ages 9-17 just because it is a little scary! Hope this helps!❤️


Not interesting to me. I did not enjoy all of the struggles and felt uncomfortable with all the blindfolds.

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Much better than the movie. A very quick read.

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this is a book too? omg i just founf out the netflix series ’You’ was a book. I NEED TO START READING MORE


I chose to read the book first so I can understand the Netflix movie better. The book is engaging and the characters draw you into the story. However, the switches between timelines can be confusing and throw off the pace of the story. In addition, the book’s ending lacked a satisfactory conclusion which is the main reason for the three-star rating.

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I really enjoyed this is my favorite movie now

The Jenk

I wanted to read the book after watching the movie on Netflix so I want to head and purchased it. I was hoping for a little expansion of the universe, more on the mythos of the creatures and further development of the characters but the book was pretty straightforward and it left me wanting more. There were too many missed opportunities throughout the book for the author to bring you further into the world he crafted but he never did. Overall it was a fine book but I wished there was more detail to it.


Way better than movie, nice touch with a certain type of bird. Really loved it


This book had so much suspense while reading. It had me hooked by the first page!