Alaska PDF Download

Alaska PDF Download

By: James A. Michener & Steve Berry
Genre: Historical, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 1988-05-12


Love this book. He starts from the beginning of the land itself. Follows the men, tribes, nations, creatures, forces of nature. Good, bad, all together in a vast scope of history in a vast land. Details and information all presented by an author of great ability.

Sal Iodice

I loved this book. However, the last paragraph was a very sad surprise, while it was an achievement it was a sad ending.


Anyone who takes an Alaskan cruise would seriously enjoy this book, as it tells the history of all the places you stop to see. It is a fascinating history of Alaska, brought to life as only Michener can with fictional characters in an historical setting. It is an extremely long book but I never tired of reading it and was sad when it finished. I can easily give this book my highest recommendation. I now want to go back to see Alaska again. James Michener: master writer and storyteller!


A great read. It made my trip to Alaska even more interesting.