Private Down Under PDF Download

Private Down Under PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Michael White
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2014-08-26


Not enjoying this as much as other Private books. Only on chapter 9. May or may not finish. You can’t tell me someone is in a convertible with the top down then in the very next chapter describe how they got cut up crawling out of the passenger window after a crash. (The car was on its side, not upside down). There’s no roof! Just get out!How did you not catch that in the editing process? Sloppy.


This is the worst of the Private Series. Do not buy it. Not only is the plot awful, the storyline doesn’t even align with the other Private novels. I think what makes it even worse is that nearly every female character is sexualized and described based solely on her beauty and physical attributes, even those that are casually mentioned to be highly intelligent (a total afterthought). I personally found this book to be offensive in its portrayal of women.


It was ok, but not one of his best. Just fair

Still none

The most disappointing of the Private series. Sloppy mistakes - changing tenses or person, and speaking of Celsius and Fahrenheit, even after all that explanation, got it wrong! Felt there were a lot of "fillers". Mr White needs some practice, and Mr Patterson need to pay closer attention!

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SS in VA

This book is proof that Patterson can get anything published (as he just said). This book is complete garbage. No plot. No character development. No suspense. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. Shame on James Patterson for putting out such crap. I will think hard before buying another Patterson novel.


This was a boring, dull book. A terrible waste of time and money. No wonder James Patterson is putting through so many books so quickly. He evidently isn't requiring any reading enjoyment from them.


Waste of money never another Private book my dog could write a better book. Waste of money


...for 125 pages, I tried, then decided my time was more valuable than this sorry excuse of a book. What a waste of talent and money!


Poorly written, a waste of time and money


Horrible!!! Would give 0 stars if it were possible!


I've read all the "Private" series & this one is strictly bush league. There's no plot, no character development, no suspense ... pablum of the lowest order.