You PDF Download

You PDF Download

By: Caroline Kepnes
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-09-30


Have been a long time non fiction reader but this book...this book has turned the tide! Bravo!

Canoe ski

Really makes you figure out the line between obsession and love.


Best thriller I’ve ever read. (And I read a lot) I couldn’t put this one down. Super addictive and the sequel is just as good!




The author is a real word smith. Fantastic writing.

Mean aka

wait. ITS A BOOK?! i wish i would’ve known this before i watched the series on Netflix. I most definitely would’ve read it.


Thought it could happen again and again. Meandshe!


Excellent writing. I’ll admit it; most of the time, I found myself on Joe’s team. Then again, Beck is a horrible human being. You is great, and Hidden Bodies is even better. You is college 🥳 Hidden Bodies is grad school 🧐


Couldn’t stop reading. Page turner




Just so so disturbing. I like a good thriller and page turner. This one I just felt gross reading….and was almost annoyed that once started I wanted to see how it ended. It is dark and a bit stomach turning. I honestly wanted to just delete it but then skimmed to get to the end to just know if was going to stay as gross all the way through. And it does. Well written and does give you this eery perspective of the stalker.


I liked the book overall it was very well-written. I especially liked the repeated use of YOU. But I didn’t like the ending very much as it was surprising & I guess I thought I’d get more after investing my time to read all the 823 pages. I recommend definitely reading the book before watching the series so you are not robbed of so much of the goodness of the book.