You PDF Download

You PDF Download

By: Caroline Kepnes
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2014-09-30

Mrs. Cassie

If you’ve watched the first season of You and you’re thinking of reading the book, I urge you to reconsider. Find a book that is more worthy of your time. Although we know the main character Joe is a stalker and a sociopath, we still find ourselves watching, intent to discover what he will do next, just how far he will go to gain and keep the love and affection of the object of his obsession, Beck. Both Joe and Beck’s characters in the series have their share of flaws, but they still manage to portray many redeemable qualities which leaves us secretly wishing they could live happily ever after in spite of ourselves. This is where the book falls flat. There is no character development. Both Joe as well as Beck have no substance. They are truly just horrible people. Joe is apathetic and Beck is materialistic. In the end, you discover that you really don’t care whether they live happily ever after or if they even live at all.


Joe has a desperate need to be loved. It’s his number 1 motivator, he’s not truly happy unless he has a woman by his side that loves him. He kills anyone that’s gets in the way of that. I feel as if technology would’ve been his downfall. 1 look at the location of his phone of his victim’s phone and the cops would knw they were in the same location. That their phones were in his apartment for periods of time when they were presumed to be missing. He had keepsakes stashed. Beck said “you knw” a lot. It was annoying and almost unbearable to read her dialogue because she asked that so much. The overuse of AND instead of commas. I understand that’s how Joe thought and no one thinks in perfectly grammatically correct English. The book was good, I’m extremely surprised he didn’t get caught.


Original story set in a modern world when there is over sharing of your life on social media. Great writing and best villain I have read in a non classical literature book ever.

Tappy R

I couldn’t get past the first couple of chapters. This is so badly written.


Have been a long time non fiction reader but this book...this book has turned the tide! Bravo!

Canoe ski

Really makes you figure out the line between obsession and love.


Best thriller I’ve ever read. (And I read a lot) I couldn’t put this one down. Super addictive and the sequel is just as good!




The author is a real word smith. Fantastic writing.


wait. ITS A BOOK?! i wish i would’ve known this before i watched the series on Netflix. I most definitely would’ve read it.


Thought it could happen again and again. Meandshe!


Couldn’t stop reading. Page turner