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After PDF Download

By: Anna Todd
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2014-10-21


Amazing All I can say is that it’s amazing. This book has kept me on the edge of my seat since I started reading it. The love between Tessa and Harden is so amazing yea the have there downs but it’s true love.


I started reading this book a few years ago. I’ve attempted to read it three time now and I STILL can’t finish it. It’s repetitive. The constant push and pull of the two main characters frustrating. The main guy is annoyingly moody and the main girl is easily taken advantage of by him. I literally can’t even finish this book because I get so bored of the back and forth argumentative dialogue between the characters where they just pick fights with each other. I’ve read over half the book and yet there is no climax and certainly no resolution. I have more negative points to make about this book but I’m not a writer so I will stop here.


This series is seriously the best. I’ve read them all multiple times & it feels like the first time, all exciting and curious to know what happens next👀 More than ready for this movie to come out!!!


@ everyone saying this book is about abuse, degrading women, or whatever else, has NOT read this book or the original. If you think that this book promotes abuse then you’ll need to google the word because I’ve read all 3 of the books and I totally love it. It has the truth about college, the fake friends who set you up, the twists (which are pretty crazy) and the couple who bc they put others opinions get in between them they break each other’s hearts, but in the end, they learn that it doesn’t matter because no matter how different they are, they’re both the same.


Hardin and tessa made me cry on multiple occasions


I’ve read the whole series and let’s just say it is the best book I have ever read in my entire life ! Finally a book that show what real couples go through and for those people who say this book is toxic THEN GO READ ANOTHER BOOK THERES PLENTY OF EM ! ! CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE EEKKK!


It's just a teen version of fifty shades of gray nothing more


My absolute favorite book I’ve ever read! Highly recommend!


Completely obsessed with this entire series!


I wish I could give it no stars. I never say anything like this but this book is the worst book I’ve ever read. I made myself finish it in hopes it would get better. The constant stupid fighting throughout the entire story was exhausting and stressful.

not famous enough

This book is truly amazing. People obviously don’t know what the word abuse means and are just throwing this word around when mentioning this book. He never once hit her, I think yes they were hurting each other equally in many ways. BOTH of them are young, never really been in a relationship were they loved someone. He has many issues that he needs to work on for himself and so does she. They teach each other so much. I hope that people understand that Hardin has issues and he can be mean sometimes but yes he works on himself, it took him time but in the end he does it. PLEASE PLEASE! Give this book a chance, please. Read every book to understand their story.


I read the entire series and they are just amazing! Everyone who says they romanticize abuse is wrong and this is just a story on what real love looks like. It’s not all fairy dust and happiness there are gonna be tragedies and this book displays it perfectly.