The Italian's Passionate Return PDF Download

The Italian's Passionate Return PDF Download

By: Elizabeth Lennox
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2014-06-16

Arises gal

This was a cute novella, however I think the author needs a human proofreader. Unless the son was born at 14 weeks and survived, There is a big issue. If conceived in September the child would have to be born around June. If his birthday is in January, he'd have been conceived around April. Sorry but that is something I have issues with. A Human proofreader would have caught that. All in All a decent read.


When asked when Dylan's birthday is, the mother answered Jan ... Damien "calculated" her son was conceived in .... wait for it ... September!!!! WHAT?????


This book had great potential in the beginning, I was like...okay not bad. Not bad. Unfortunately that all came crashing down as soon as she told him about their son. Wow. Why'd she blurt it out like that? And he was like we have to get married. Just like that dude? I found it VERY hard not to role my eyes after that part. I stopped at page 58 out of however many are in that book. Call me crazy for not even bothering to finish the book, but in all honesty I should have stopped sooner. Gawd.


Never did like computers for proof reading. They allow dogs to be bread instead of bred. And how did the kid get born in Jan if he was conceived in Sept? I could have used yhat secret back when I had my kid.