Filthy Beautiful Lust PDF Download

Filthy Beautiful Lust PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2014-11-10

Ms. Jessie

Pace was the guy who when it came to sex he got and left he was a player. When he meets Kylie at a swimming party and her baby Max’s he took him from Kylie and When all we’re shocked he even new how to hold a baby he shows em. After a little while, pace wanted to get to know Kylie and take her on a date. She works for his brother Colton and the answer was no on dating.for they new his reputation. Kylie is a single mother her son came first No matter what and though pace has Fallon for Kylie and wants to take care of them forever ,when someone from Kylie’s past comes back Things change!!


Pace is the career no strings attached one night stand kind of guy. What happens when he meets the all strings required single mom Kylie? Both of their lives will change forever like they never expected. What will happen when someone from the past steps back in? A great continuation of the Drake brothers.


Book was good but it needed to be a bit longer. I enjoyed the story. I loved Pace. I cried at the decision Kylie was trying to make. They were both trying to do the right thing. Love the HEA.


The book was a good read it went a little faster than the first 2 so the build wasn't as good but I loved it! Keep it up!


The only problem is they always leave me wanting.....more.

Edith Raydeen

A good read


Perfect. Sweet. Sexy. Couldn't put it down. Clear your calendar!!!

Big bull Akita

I love Pace and Kylie!! Simple, sweet story!! I really liked it!