Fractured PDF Download

Fractured PDF Download

By: Sydney Landon
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2014-12-31


I read book one and there was no way I was not getting this one too. I'm so glad I did. I read it in two days only because I forced myself to sleep. Only to find myself pulling it up on my phone at work to continue. To see all the events begin to play out pieces falling into place was the best! Luc and Lia are amazing together. Rose is a hoot and I swear I could picture all 3, 4 if you count Lee, of these sexy men as I read. The love he shows Lia is awe inspiring. Kuddos!!


This book is so amazing and I am literally hook to see this book to the is captivating, sensitive, arousing and sexual......this is a book very much worth reading....


Rather the first book (Pierced). Still Had a good plot tho


Love this series! Can't wait for the 3rd book, and can't wait to read Rose & Max's story!!!

Suleica R

I can not wait for the third book I am intrigued. This was a great read for me. Once I started reading I could nit end it. Read both books in two days!!!! Loved it I will recommend this author to friends who love reading romance stories.

Yael Benz

Such an amazing far the best romance series I've read in a long time!!! 💗


I hate cliffhangers...


Once again Sydney Landon delivers!! Great continuation of Pierced. Can't wait for the conclusion Mended!


I so can't wait until the next book!


It's a really good story line, like 50 shades without the bdsm. However, the release dates of the books are too far apart. By the time the 3rd book is released I will have read, maybe hundreds of books and forgotten all about this series. Might want to rethink.


GREAT BOOK!!!!! I can't wait for the next one. Please do it quick. P.S. I love all your books. Thank you


Cannot wait for the next one!!! I couldn't put these books down if I wanted to they are great!!