Make Me (with bonus short story Small Wars) PDF Download

Make Me (with bonus short story Small Wars) PDF Download

By: Lee Child
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2015-09-08


Jack Reacher is the toughest, meanest, biggest harass, around and you ALWAYS want him on your side. If I had to go to war w/ just one other guy, I'd pick him.


You have to read this.


YHow’s one not for you today I or Kiynlokumimkm


A very very good read!

O. Vega

First book I read from Lee, I expected more from this author the book was by no mean bad.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

First and foremost, I have loved all the Jack Reacher books so much so that I have read them all twice. This is my least favorite. I loved the interaction with Chang. However, this story seemed too technical and drawn out. I had to concentrate to stay focused on the story. Something was either missing or lacking. I have loved all his other books and will continue to read them as they become available.


What can I say other than if you buy this book start reading around chapter 45. The beginning chapters were so odd I had to make myself read the rest. The action is an all time low the story line was strangely written but the ending what not what I expected. That was the only excitement I noticed. Come on Lee this was not even remotely close to being up to your normal standards.


An exciting read with all the twists and turns that lead to a disturbing ending. Reacher's power of deductive reasoning never ceases to amaze!

boots saddle

Definitely not one of Child's better efforts. Reacher drags an implausable plot through six hundred pages like a ball and chain to a quite predictable finish. One star, at best.


For the first time we are able to calculate Reacher's age, which, if he graduated West Point at 21 in the class of 83, puts him at 54 years old. A little old for this stuff, don't you think? I cannot figure out how women keep sleeping with a guy who wears no deodorant and changes his clothes every four days. And she let him into the car after being full of mud and in a hog pen. Story was interesting, took a turn I didn't expect. I've read all the books, but the last few are not high on my favorites list.


I have read every Reacher book. I think I paid $14.99. Wait until it is cheaper, you'll thank me.


The underlying premise should have made a good book but way too many shortcuts taken in the story. Very disappointing.