Big Magic PDF Download

Big Magic PDF Download

By: Elizabeth Gilbert
Genre: Self-Improvement, Self-Development
Relase Date: 2015-09-22


This book is insightful, supportive, encouraging, and no-nonsense. It's worth it. Everyone should read it.


I have read this book at the right time. My life was becoming mundane. After reading this book my creative spirit has been Realigned. I also know how to get back. Thank you Liz


I agree with the other reviewers. This is a must read for anyone who creates or wants to create. One of the most important books I’ve ever read.


It’s exactly what I needed to read this year. And I will keep rereading it forever. Thank You to the author 🙏🏼


A must read for anyone in a creative field


Honest as ever. Thank you Liz for your perspectives and kind instructions. A very encouraging companion for me to have on the rest of my very exciting life journey!


Big Magic inspired me the whole time I read it! There’s something to what she’s saying that ever person needs to read! It’s written in a way that makes you as a reader feeling you’re having a conversation with you! I was very moved to action during my reading!! I would definitely recommend it to someone who is in a slump of any sort


Definitely a must-read for upcoming artists . I relate to this book way more than comfortably acceptable. I Would love to meet Elizabeth she seems like such a cool person to talk to.


This is the best book I have read about writing and creativity. I just wished I would have read it in my twenties instead of my sixties. We should just go out and create.


Great insights, great advice and a great book to read and read again. Thank you Liz!


I purchased this book on a whim-- hoping to be inspired-- and i wasn't disappointed. I own a creative business, and Elizabeth's notion of "big magic" in creative ideas really struck me. I don't think i'll look at ideas and how they come into our lives, the same. This was a wonderful read, and i highly recommend it for the creative entrepreneur. Thank you Liz for bringing big magic into our lives!


Brava Liz Gilbert! And thanks and praise. Inspiration, encouragement, and humor on every page.