Reckless Love PDF Download

Reckless Love PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2015-03-17

Mev K.

Awesome book. When I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. I read the book within a few hours. I've never read a book by this author before, however, that will change. I will be buying more books by this author. Highly recommended book and highly commended author.


I gave this read 3 stars, which is just Ok in my book, but this could have been a great book, if the the main Chick Character could ever stop crying! We all like our damsels on the girly side, so the main Dude can be the rescuer, but there are only so many tears a girl can take! If this book is free, go ahead and get it. I would not pay to read this author again.


Overprotective, drop dead gorgeous MMA fighter. What more can a woman want in one book. A true love story, that's what!! This is a great book. Second in his series. So catch the first one first. So you get to know who these characters are before you begin their story. You won't regret it....;)


Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. A must read it's about an MMA fighter who is training for a pro fight and he is in love with MacKenzie his nurse. I read it it in one night it was a page turner!!

Jill ~Love Affair With Fiction

Reckless Love by Kendall Ryan was a passionate book that was super easy to read and sucked me in from the very start. So, we have hot, sexy alpha MMA fighter Ian who is training and about to enter his first pro fight. He has some pretty strict rules for himself when he is in full on training mode - no drinking, no p*$$y and of course his workouts are full on crazy and and something to see (if you like to watch a built man sweat and spar for hours and hours on end ;) ) But for all of his toughness and how closed off he can sometimes appear Ian has a heart of gold, and really is there anything hotter than that! Well maybe throw in that he is super protective of his little sister and will do anything to take care of her! *SWOON* Throw in MacKenzie to this mix. She is a nurse who works in Ian's gym - and is ridiculously attracted to Ian. He thwarted their hook-up the first night they met (you know his whole no p*$$Y rule while training thing!) and she has not been able to get him out of her mind ever since! Now she is working with Ian to get him in shape for his fight and sparks are flying everywhere! Ahhh..the sexual tension between MacKenzie and Ian was Off. The. Charts. No matter how much they try to deny what is between them when they are together it just sizzles! And that scene on the mat...Wow!The two of them are just drawn together and can't help it. If only they can find a way to work through their issues ~ Ian's training schedules and Kenzie's past. The story was just so well written you can't help but be drawn into it. It flows seamlessly and makes for one of those easy reads that just take you along for the ride. I can't wait to go and read Hard To Love because I want to know more about Ian and Kenzie's BFFs Cade and Alexa. I definitely recommend this book! If you want romance, passion, sexual tension and an all out good read that you won't want to put down - go on and one click! I received a complimentary copy of Reckless Love in exchange for my honest review.


I love it when an author that I adore makes books that have me panting for more! Reckless Love is book 2 in this series. Although it can be read as a standalone. I would suggest you read Hard to Love just to get a bit of background, you totes don't have to but that it just what I suggest. We meet Ian and McKenzie. Straight off from page 1 I am laughing because it's just like a man to say the things he says. Ian is an MMA fighter so he has certain rules that he abides by. McKenzie is a nurse who was laid off and is now employed at the gym Ian works out in. Ian and Mckenzie are both lovable characters that frustrated the crap out of me at times. You know what happens when two people are sexually compatible but they are both too stubborn to see past themselves. Yeah thats these two. McKenzie is a strong, independent and prideful woman. Qualities which are great but sometimes women need to let down their guard just a bit to let someone in. I get why she is this way, and I love how Kendall wrote the story because as things began to unravel I was loving how it was all playing out for the characters. Ian! What can I say about Ian! If you love you some hot, alpha male manly man then Ian is mean right up your ally. I love how he is protective yet sweet and sincere. He made me all melty. Kendall Ryan is one author who just gets it. She knows how to write in a male POV so much that you forget that she is a female author and seriously think a male is writing Ian's POV. Not many authors can pull that off. This book had me going through the motions. Sometimes I wanted to slap sense into the characters because I was like can you two just TALK to one another geez. Other times I was swooning and couldn't wait to read what was coming next. Overall this book is not to be missed. MMA fighters are hot. Nurses are hotter. Put together and fireworks erupt.


There's more depth here than I was expecting. Great story that kept me entertained the whole way through!