The Girl in the Spider's Web PDF Download

The Girl in the Spider's Web PDF Download

By: David Lagercrantz
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2015-09-01


This was a much desired continuation of the life (and exploits) of Lisbeth Salander. I’m looking forward to November 9th film release for the film about this (fourth installment) in the ongoing Lisbeth Salander saga.


Great and spooky

Annie from California

Most enjoyable well written and researched novel in the Stieg Larson tradition. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.


The Girl in the Spider’s Web offers a new beginning to Elizbet Salander’s story. Now she is attempting to bring down the criminal organization known as the Spiders, a gang run by her ruthless twin sister. Looking forward to the next installment of Salander’s story.

Hike freak

Not quite as good as the first three novels but still a good page turner. Bravo


Excellent follow up to the trilogy buy Stieglitz Larson. I look forward to you writing the next one David Lagercrantz.


A complex and fascinating story plotted on multiple levels. It didn’t matter that I don’t understand most of the programming and encryption procedures, I “knew” the characters knew and that carried me through.


The entire plot felt like a rerun of an old movie. Sorry end to a enjoyable series.


Despite some of the other negative reviews I enjoyed the book very much. Seemed to me that the characters were still very much in line with the characters in previous 3 books despite the different author. I’m def no critic just a simple reader but I honestly enjoyed this book and look forward to the next book and hopefully more after that.


It seems the writer larsons estate chose for this book was inexperienced, boring and completely missed any attempt at continuing to develope any of the characters from the trilogy. I gave it a chance which resulted in feeling ripped off by the Larson estate. This book is about capitalizing on a good writers talent by using a cheap minor talented hack to generate some quick cash. Horrible


Great entertainment period! The characters are very much intact. It was great fun to read again of the exploits of Mz Salander!


I've loved Lisbeth Salander since the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This book was a nice addition to the three I've already read. I loved the info about August and autism, especially pertaining to savants. The ending makes both her and Mikael a little more human and seals their relationship status. Good book!