Tom Clancy Under Fire PDF Download

Tom Clancy Under Fire PDF Download

By: Grant Blackwood
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2015-06-16


Terrible. A waste of time and money.


Good read for completists


Boring, implausible, poorly researched drivel. Skip this one. I'm going to skip any others by this author. The only intrigue is trying to make sense of the sloppy plot. Clancy would be ashamed.

Will Stryker

Good story, lots of names to remember and a little tedious at times. However, the details allow for vivid action scenes that only occasionally get bogged down in detail. Highly recommend this book.

Say-Say Jane

I would not by another by this author. The family ought to be ashamed.


The book is a decent read, however the lack of use of the many good and colorful characters that Tom Clancy would have brought is disappointing. Jack Jr. Is left on his own against horrible odds and a war is averted by a brief conversation in a battle field confrontation. Not only surreal, but not credible enough in practice to follow the story line. The book fails to reach the level of believability of a Tom Clancy original. Also, the bad guys are so convoluted in construct I gave up trying to keep them separate another failing in a effort to engender intrigue.


It is not the highly-detailed, meticulous work that Tom Clancy novels are known for. This tome would have made the late Mr. Clancy spin in his grave as it makes the reader feel the story is being rushed; or to put it another way, it was written just to meet a deadline. To live up to Mr. Clancy's legacy and for his great legacy to go on, perhaps a review of the selection process for writers is in order.

Just anotherr singer

Well, the Tom Clancy genre is officially dead with this one. Jack Ryan getting a gunpowder test less than 12 hours after letting off a fusillade and coming up negative? Clancy would never have missed that detail. And the improbable pairing of Jack and beautiful Iranian woman. Give me a break! Plus the gratuitous wedging of prior characters like Clark and Ding. Sad Miss this one. Last I will ever bother with. Former Fan


Certainly the worst purported Clancy book ever written. The challenge is trying to force yourself to finish it just to write a review to warn others. Stay away, it's more productive to watch reruns of F Troop.

Cap. Tom

Want to hear more jack! At last he also has a love life. I hope that continues.

Super Clock

Good book easy reading. Makes the reader wonder


Enjoyed this book except for the character of Ysabel. She doesn't fit in to the former characters as seen in the Rainbow group. Bring back the guys with all their tough action.