The Gentleman Mentor PDF Download

The Gentleman Mentor PDF Download

By: Kendall Ryan
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2015-05-05


Loved it, could not put it down HOT HOT HOT HOTa must read I totally fell in love with Hail & Bre


K.R. delivers another scorching love story.


Until one of the last scenes. I won't spoil anything for future readers, but, I found the introduction of a certain element very degrading toward our heroine. It was unnecessary. Luckily, Hale makes up for it almost immediately after said introduction is written out of the scene. Still, the story would have been better had he kept their bond a bit more pristine. The characters are well written, and their story both sexy and engrossing. I simply wish the intimacy between them had been spared that one element.


I'm not saying this author is bad I'm just saying it didn't pull me in, didn't keep me guessing and just didn't make me feel. If your looking for a simplistic book then this is for you. I'm more into the love me hard can't breath with out you rip your heart out when it's finished book. Hats off to every published author, it's not easy to write a book and someone's always not going to like it. Unfortunately this time around I'm one of the people who don't like it witch is rare for me.


I loved this book! I can't wait for the next book to come out. Amazing characters, well written, enjoyed the story line, and overall just fantastic. Light BDSM so for those that are interested but don't want to be freaked out, I'd highly suggest this book. Will DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.


Dual POV adds to the well written stand alone book. With the latest craze being books written like a never ending soap it's wonderful to have a well written, good story line, both POV read.


Sexy, beautiful romance dominant story!! Love all of Kendall Ryan's books! She never fails to give you a sexy and beautiful love stories


was totally captivated by this sweet read, I loved Brielle and Hale! He is hot, sweeet and yet naughty. love his dirty talk and his kind gentle side also. Cannot wait to read Reece and Macey story. Thannk you so much Kendall


Great book. Fun, romantic, exciting!


I thought Hale was a jerk. Then he changed my mind. I loved how strong and determined Brie was. I enjoyed this book.


I enjoyed this book so much can't wait for the next. I really need a book of a 1000 pages. These go sooooo fast. Their that good. Can't say I've read a bad book of hers yet.


I absolutely loved this book. I finished it the day it came out. Hale is a sexy confident man on the outside, but once you see the layers you realize he isn't so sure of himself. Brielle is beautiful but doesn't know it and has no confidence. In love with her best friend she hires hale to help her become a sexual queen. A quick, interesting read that was just the right amount of hot! Highly recommend.