Who Do You Love PDF Download

Who Do You Love PDF Download

By: Jennifer Weiner
Genre: Fiction & Literature, Literary
Relase Date: 2015-08-11

abbyann.s mom

First time reading a book by this author. I liked the story except the end was like a “oops I better wrap this up real quick.”

nama lodi

I hate endings like that. What happened next???


I found this author by a chance and so far 4 books in, I am hooked on her writing. However this book has been so far my favorite! Great love story!!! Great book for a weekend or easy read to stay involved. Couldn't get enough of the characters.


Loved everything about this book, right up until the end. The story was well developed, with great characters. It keeps you wanting more and excited for the next chapter. So, it was a huge disappointment to read the end. At first, I thought it was a joke, and there was another chapter to come. After detailed character and story development, she suddenly rushes through the ending in 2 pages and ties the whole thing up in a completely unbelievable way. It felt as if she suddenly got tired of writing the book and said "The End!" Extremely unsatisfying and disappointing after such a great read. Jennifer Weiner can do much better, and I expected much better.


I love easy books that I can get wrapped up in and forget the outside world. This book was so addictive. I never wanted it to end!


I enjoyed this book, though I felt it was a tad predictable. The story was solid and filled with enough real life ups and downs whereas a lot of books have unbelievable plot lines. I felt the characters were relatable and very likable. And I love the way Jennifer Weiner writes using different points of view and storytellers. I would highly recommend this book!! :)


It kept me reading it! There was just enough suspense without too many overtly cheesey love scenes. I was disappointed that I don't have any more left to read.


I read this book about a month or so ago and as of today I re-do the story again and again. It's just wonderful but at the same time my tears couldn't stop while I was reading it. It's a balance between love and insecurity, Between high and low class society, between proud and honesty. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.

Trainer Momma

Horrible writing. So shallow and choppy. Read something else.

Jillian Di

A great fast read. JW did it again!


It's a light read--- too long and not enough depth. Funny in parts. Contains her usual insecure, neurotic main character


I've never wanted a book to not end as badly as I did this one. This is Jennifer Weiner's best book yet!