Private Paris PDF Download

Private Paris PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Mark Sullivan
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,
Relase Date: 2016-03-14

Hooked on

Enjoyed reading!!


Besides the character Louie the head of Paris private. No really interesting characters or villains. The PC plot and ending was predictable also, Patterson should have kept his name off this book. By far and away the worst book in the Private series.


I grab any book by the master, James Patterson. I love reading his books. His thrillers relax me. I did not find Private Paris to be a good book. oh, technically it scored high; and the research was superb. The reader could almost feel in Paris. But it was a dull book. Not to everyone, of course. Can you imagine our hero in a schoolboy crush over one of the book's heroines? Just my opinion.


Awful! Predictable and really another plot focused on terrorism....unoriginal. Hard to finish so boring.


Pretty good read however same old story and a bit too long winded. Guess I'm tired of "Private"


Intricate plot lines a bit over the top, but very readable.