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Random Sweetness

So we walk into Steak-n-Shake the other day and waited to be seated. Why? because the sign said “Please Wait To Be Seated”. While standing there (which is close to the register) a woman was walking by to pay for her meal. She turned to her family sitting at the nearby booth and asked, “Anyone want a cookie?”

Of course I couldn’t pass this up… so I said, “I’ll take one!”, and we all sorta chuckled.
*insert cheesy laughter trak*

The waitress sat us down and we began to look at the menu. About 20 seconds go by and this hand tosses a bag down on the table and runs out the door.

It was that lady… and she bought me a cookie!

We sat there and laughed at the fact that she really did buy me a cookie for 59¢ — it was awesome. This is actually something that I would do and I loved the fact that someone did a strange thing for someone else. So we decided to pay it forward.

When we were paying for our meal… we purchased two cookies and had the waitress deliver it to a table with two kids.

One cookie turned into two. Pretty sweet deal :)

So… randomly buy someone a cookie today — you might just make their day…

(and someone else’s, and someone else’s and so on)

PS – thx @CameronHerold for the RT :)

PSS – gotta love Steak-n-Shake commercials!

THX for listening,
—M@tt | creative guru and design extraordinaire

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